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SysML Model Transformation Automation Tool from Rhapsody to MagicDraw

Creating MagicDraw models may be a necessary step in today’s multi-tool environment. We understand the retention of model elements, structure, and diagram layouts are critical and required in any workflow. The Publisher for Rhapsody enables your team to address the business’s needs of tool flexibility with confidence.


Publisher for Rhapsody: Moving Models from Rhapsody to MagicDraw

  • Migrate SysML model elements and diagrams, including structure and hierarchy, from Rhapsody to MagicDraw.
  • Accurately Migrate Diagrams to MagicDraw realizing the modeler intent of layout and content while adopting the style conventions of MagicDraw.
  • Configure the diagram and element display options in MagicDraw to align with your project modeling guidelines.


Watch Demo here